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The biggest city in Kyushu, with a great history– the charming features of “Fukuoka”

With a population of 1.5million, Fukuoka is the central city in Kyushu in terms of politics, economy, culture and fashion. There are still many historical temples ,cultural events and festivals , which will easily take you back to the good old days of Japan. You will certainly enjoy living in Fukuoka.

Environment-An urban city which has great harmony with nature–an excellent place to live

Fukuoka’s biggest downtown area of Tenjin and Canal City Hakata are full of the latest fashion and up- to-date cultural information and is visited by many international students in their free time. Surrounded by oceans and mountains. the city has abundant natural beauty, which always helps citizens feel relaxed in their everyday’s lives.

  • Tenjin
  • Canal City Hakata
    Canal City Hakata
  • Ohori Park
    Ohori Park
  • Sanno Park
    Sanno Park


Tradition-You can always feel the good old days’ Japanese tradition, surrounded by historical culture.

There are many shrines and temples with long histories, and in addition cultural events and festivals have traditionally been held in Fukuoka. You can see good old traditions here and there while living in the urban city.

  • Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival
    Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival
  • Dazaifu Shrine
    Dazaifu Shrine
  • Hakata dolls
    Hakata dolls
  • Hakata silk fabrics
    Hakata silk fabrics


Transportation-A gateway to Asia with a nice and extensive transportation network

Kyushu’s biggest JR station is only an 8 minute walk from Aso. It’s called Hakata Station, where Shinkansen trains leave and arrive for/from major places not only in Kyushu but also all over Japan. It’s also just a 5minute train-ride from Fukuoka Airport, which is a gateway to Asia with nice and extensive transportation networks.

  • Fukuoka Airport
    Fukuoka Airport
  • Hakata Station
    Hakata Station
  • Bay side place Hakata Wharf
    Bay side place Hakata Wharf


Life-The world’s top comfortable city to live in, where you can experience four seasons

There are 4 distinctive seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in Japan. With a relatively mild climate, you can find various ways of having fun from season to season, to add an interesting flavor to your life in Fukuoka. Smaller than Tokyo, it certainly povides the best living environment for international students.

Four seasons in Japan

Four seasons in Japan

Fukuoka is more livable than Tokyo!

When living alone as a student , you can save as much as 110,000yen to 310,000yen a year in Fukuoka rather than in Tokyo or Osaka!

Fukuoka is more livable than Tokyo!Refer to this for details about student  dormitories

*Data source:”The University Co-op Synthesis Living Nationwide Conference 2010″ (Tokyo and Osaka district)

*”Average rent in Fukuoka” is applied from that of new international students at Kyushu University, Seinan University, who resided in accommodations via University Co-op.

Entertainments-The city that brings you full enjoyment of sports and shopping

Fukuoka has lots of nice facilities such as a ball park , soccer stadium, zoo, botanical garden, fashionable shopping malls and so forth. They are all located so conveniently within an area accessible by public transport that you can enjoy your favorite activities to the fullest..

  • Fukuoka Yahoo Oku! Dome
    Fukuoka Yahoo Oku! Dome
  • Level-5 Stadium
    Level-5 Stadium
  • Fukuoka City Zoo & Botanical Garden
    Fukuoka City Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • Uminonakamichi Sea-side Park
    Uminonakamichi Sea-side Park
  • Momochi Sea-side Park
    Momochi Sea-side Park
  • Marinoa City Fukuoka
    Marinoa City Fukuoka


Further information about Fukuoka

  • City of Fukuoka
  • Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Fukuoka International Association

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