Career and Education Guidance

  • The pass results
  • Alumni and Current Student Testimonials

Academic Guidance

Because of the small class sizes, homeroom teachers and the International Department staffs will assist you with your everyday life, academic planning and, of course, your Japanese studies from your first day at Aso until your graduation.

The pass results

Graduate School

  • ・Kyushu University
  • ・Saga University
  • ・Hiroshima University
  • ・Kurume University
  • ・Kyushu Sangyo University

Many more


  • ・Kyushu University
  • ・Yamaguchi University
  • ・Nagasaki University
  • ・Saga University
  • ・University of Miyazaki
  • ・Muroran Institute of Technology
  • ・Fukuoka University of Education

Many more

  • ・The University of Kitakyushu
  • ・Shimonoseki City University
  • ・Yamaguchi Prefectural University
  • ・Arita College of Ceramics

Many more

  • ・Seinan Gakuin University
  • ・Fukuoka University
  • ・Kyushu Sangyo University
  • ・Fukuoka Institute of Technology
  • ・Kurume University
  • ・Fukuoka International University
  • ・Nakamura Gakuen University
  • ・Kyushu International University
  • ・Kinki University
  • ・Hosei University
  • ・Tokai University
  • ・Nihon University
  • ・St.Andrew’s University
  • ・Ritsumeikan University
  • ・Doshisha University

Many more

Vocational School and Junior College

  • ・Aso Business and Computer College
  • ・Aso Foreign Languages Tourism and Patissier College
  • ・KORAN Women’s Junior College
  • ・Nishi-Nippon Junior College
  • ・International College of Tourism
  • ・Tsuji Culinary Institute
  • ・Japan Electronics College

Many more

Alumni and Current Student Testimonials

The list of home countries

While at Aso, I’ll do my best to pass the highest level qualifying examination!

Enrolled at Aso Business Computer Fukuoka College/Information System Course
Mr.L from China

School life was busy, but I really enjoyed myself. I was able to pass the first grade Japanese ability examination before graduating. I’m enrolled in the Information System’s course. Aso’s pass rate for the national qualification examination is very high and I have excellent job opportunities. The fee exemption system is also great. I’ve already passed the “Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination” and I’ll make every effort to pass further high-level examinations.

It was a good experience to spend my time abroad studying at Aso.

Enrolled at Aso Business Computer Fukuoka College–Japanese Language Course
Mr.C from Korea

I’ve been in Japan for four months. I can’t speak Japanese so well, but my teachers won’t give up on me. This encourages me to do better. In addition, I now know various things about Japanese culture. There are a lot of chances for international exchange here. The non-Japanese and Japanese students are in contact every day. I think that’s great! I’ve had a great experience studying abroad and attending Aso. I’ll continue to do my best!

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