Features of Aso

Worry-free life environment and well-organized learning environment

Aso provides full-scale support for international students studying Japanese language in Japan,
both in their academic activities and in their everyday lives.

You can depend on constant and friendly support offered by Aso staff members.

You may feel uneasy to start living in Japan for the first time. Aso’s dedicated Staffs will assist you individually just like your “parents in Japan”, so that you will be able to concentrate on your study.

Staff will help you deal with any worries.

・Staff will meet you on arrival.
・Staff will accompany you to the ward-office for certain procedures.
・Staff will make your great counselor and interpreter in sickness or in accidents.

Aso International House is a dormitory which is exclusively for international students.

Most of international students at Aso reside in the dormitory. You can meet and make friends with dorm-mates , who share the same goal with you , and a reliable house matron will be there for you for 24 hours a day.

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Fulfilling interaction with Japanese students

A great scale of Aso College Group will benefit international students with important opportunities to meet, learn and mingle with many Japanese students on campus on a daily basis. Various kinds of events are constantly held, which they are able to participate in along with Japanese students.


・You will be able to make a quick progress in your Japanese language skills by interacting with many Japanese students.
・Making best friends easily on campus, you will enjoy your school life to the fullest!
・Communication with your Japanese schoolmates on a regular basis will help you acquire a practical command of Japanese.

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Thorough learning environment under careful and sincere supervision of classroom teachers

“Classroom-teacher & small class” system is applied at Aso, which enables students to receive generous and careful support from their classroom teachers. They play a great role as students’ mentors in the both aspects of academic and private lives.


Through the Plus α system、you are allowed to attend classes in other schools of Aso College Group!

Through the Plus α system, a variety of classes from Japanese culture and English conversation to total beauty lessons are available for international students at Aso College Group, Besides your regular Japanese classes. You can take advantage of Aso’s scale merit to attend those classes free of charge.

Fulfilling classes will provide you with quality learning time at school.

At Aso, course curriculums are set up with a solid class schedule from 9:30 to 15:30 every day , which is able to bring students outstanding comprehension and proficiency in Japanese language in much shorter time.

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